Marat al-Numan, Idlib governate:

Bosra, Daraa governate:

Eastern Ghouta, Damascus suburbs:

Azaz, Aleppo governate:

Western Aleppo city:

Bustan al-Qaser district, Aleppo city:

Kafranbel, Idlib governate:

Idlib countryside:

Rastan, Homs governate:

Jasim, Daraa governate:

Douma, Damascus suburb:

Qaboun, Damascus suburb:

Talbiseh, Homs governate:

Talaf, Hama governate:

Hama countryside:

Southern rural Aleppo:

Sarmada, Idlib governate:

Dael, Daraa governate:

Qamishli, al-Hasakah governate:

Daraa city:

Saqba, Damascus suburb:

Daraa countryside:

Yadodah, Daraa governate:

Mare’, Aleppo governate:

Daraat Izza, Aleppo governate:

Wadi Barada, Damascus suburb:

Jobar, Damascus suburb:

Zamalka, Damascus suburb:

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